Luma Simms is a writer; her essays and articles have appeared in First Things, Public Discourse, The Federalist, Institute for Family Studies, and other publications.

Why I Wear The Mantilla

The mantilla is a lace veil women have worn over their heads while worshipping God since the time of the New Testament Church. One reason I came to the Catholic Church is so that I can wear it. Period. Full stop. I am not afraid or ashamed to say this was on a running list of why I came to the Catholic Church.

We heirs of St. Augustine, we who gave in to our flesh, we who bought the culture’s enticements and are even now reaping the consequences of our sins and weaknesses, for us the time of noncommittal evasion is over. My days of skirting this issue are over.

We communicate not only in word but also in dress and deed. In our time, this is especially the case. We have undergone what Neil Postman calls the “vast and trembling shift from the magic of writing to the magic of electronics,” and have transitioned from a “word-centered to an image-centered” culture.

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