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Kim Davis: The Guts Of A Convert

Kim Davis may not have a legal leg to stand on (see here, and here). But I think some Christians are moving too quickly to critique her situation on a purely legal basis.

We are Christians first, before we are Americans. So before we start talking about whether this is a good religious liberty case, or not, before we start distancing our educated selves from her simple faith, and before we take to the internet to show the liberal gestapo that we really are for the “rule of law” and that Kim Davis is a simpleton of a Christian who should have resigned before embarrassing us Christians—let's just step back from this fog and think with a faithful mind.

Maybe it's because I live out here in Arizona, away from power elites, or maybe it's because I am a recent convert to Catholicism that I find myself empathizing with Kim Davis. We who have been Christians of one stripe or another for our entire lives underestimate the power of conversion. But this is exactly what God used in the first few centuries to build his Church and set the world on fire for Jesus Christ.

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