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In Supporting Trump, Conservative Men Abandon Conservative Women

On October 7, the Washington Post released video of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump making lewd remarks. The transcript is jaw-dropping. If it had been a Democratic nominee, the Republicans would have gotten on top of their moral high horse and chastised away.

Some, like House Republican leader Paul Ryan, have denounced Trump’s remarks. Ryan went a small step further and disinvited Trump from a campaign event in Wisconsin where they were scheduled to appear together.

Some months back, in a blatantly hypocritical move, certain evangelical leaders like Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr. endorsed Trump and encouraged evangelical Christians to vote for him. Evangelical theologian Wayne Grudem, who has “taught Christian ethics for 39 years,” went so far as to write that “voting for Trump is a morally good choice” (Update: After this article was written, Grudem walked back those comments yesterday.) One wonders what kind of Christian ethics he has been teaching for 39 years.

Long before Trump’s tape surfaced, Claire Cohen in The Telegraph tracked down some of Trump’s sexist comments from 1990 to 2016. Whether it’s calling women bimbos, gold diggers, or worse, Republicans and evangelical leaders had plenty of evidence showing Trump was unfit for the presidency.

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