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Dennis Prager, Some Never Trumpers Aren't Just Being Obstinate

Esteemed talk radio host Dennis Prager argued in a National Review piece earlier this week that Never Trumpers are doing themselves a disservice by refusing to embrace Trump. Hillary Clinton’s presidency would have been disastrous, and Trump was the only Republican candidate who could beat her. Prager writes the following about conservatives who continue to stand against President Trump:

When people you know well and admire, and who share your values, do something you strongly oppose, you have two options: (1) Cease admiring them or (2) try to understand them and change their minds.

Never Trumpers are elites who want Trump to fail, according to Prager. They possess a utopian streak, and are largely moral people who will not compromise their standards. Prager does not want to cease admiring his Never Trump friends, because, as he says, “These conservatives have made so many deposits into their moral bank accounts that, in [his] view, their accounts all remain firmly in the black.” So he says his only option is choice number two, above: he is trying to understand them and to change their minds.

But with all due respect to Dennis Prager, a man I myself have learned from and have admired for many years, there is a tertium quid—a third way. He can respect and accept his Never Trump friends and colleagues, rather than trying to change their minds.

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