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Linda Sarsour's Call For 'Jihad' Against President Trump Is A Call For Treason

Islamic activist Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the 2017 women’s march, says she is “outraged” every single morning when she wakes up and remembers who is in the White House, referring to the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Speaking to the Islamic Society of North America, she recently made several astonishing statements, the totality of which can leave a person with the impression that Sarsour is inciting sedition from Muslims in America.

Time magazine came to her defense, accusing conservatives of misquoting her and making too much out of her speech. Sorry, Time, I’m not buying your excuses. I am a Christian immigrant from Iraq. We know what Muslim agitation and radicalization looks like and where it leads. Sarsour knew full well how what she said would affect the particular community she was speaking to. This was no women’s march, this is a talk to the Muslim community, in which she chastises those who would accept our government peacefully.

Sarsour has likened herself to Martin Luther King Jr., but she has used demagoguery—you can watch the entire speech as an example—in her “activism,” and has split the Jewish community because of her support of the boycott, divest, sanctions against Israel movement and her anti-Semitic stances..... Three tactics to incite Muslim Americans

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