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God's Healing Power Through the Means of the Church: Convalidating an Existing Marriage

Saint John Paul II in Man and Woman He Created Them:

Redemption is a truth, a reality, in the name of which man must feel himself called, and called with effectiveness.

And again:

Man must feel himself called to rediscover, or even better, to realize, the spousal meaning of the body and to express in this way the interior freedom of the gift, that is, the freedom of that spiritual state and power that derive from mastery over the concupiscence of the flesh.

These words from Saint John Paul II, have for me, been at the heart of the annulment and convalidation process; healing, redemption, purity, mastery over concupiscence, a deeper understanding of the spousal meaning of the body, and a grasp of the sacramentality of marriage.

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